Save Your Driver’s License!

Posted on March 01, 2016 at 12:33 PM, Posted by jjpaull


You must request a review of your suspensed driver’s license immediately after your arrest.

A law enforcement officer will seize your license if you are arrested for DWI / DUI with an unlawful Blood Alcohol Level or after you refused to submit to a chemical test. Your license will be seized, and the officer will issue you what is called a DIC-24 and a DIC-25, which acts as both a temporary driver`s license and as your notice of suspension. In Texas a person may request a review of the driver`s license suspension by the department of motor vehicles within a specified number of days following your arrest. This is called an administrative license revocation hearing (ALR). At an ALR hearing there is a formal review, the hearing officer is authorized to administer oaths, lawyers can examine witnesses and take testimony. If you request an ALR hearing, it shall consist solely of an examination by the department of the written materials submitted by the arresting officer, as well as anything you wish to submit. You, generally cannot attend an informal hearing. It is always better to have an experienced DWI attorney represent you at an ALR hearing.